How to install SSL Certificate on EasyWP Hosting

you how you can install SSL certificate on easy WPA hosting if you don’t know what is W means actually it’s a man in hosting from M chip and a few days ago actually created a review for this hosting platform and this is where one of the people who watch the video actually asked me how they can installed SSL so I thought I should actually make a video for this alright so on top of showing you how you can actually install the

1- SSL certificate I’m also going to show you how you can get a free SSL certificate from SSL for free this is actually from let’s encrypt that ugh yeah but actually this group that makes it easy for you to generate and create your SSL really quick all right so this is the ones that I’ll be creating the SSL for as you can see it’s not it’s not secure so how to create that free SSL for it and then after which we will actually install on this it easy WP her so the first thing is I’m going to go to SSL for free and then tap here the domain so this is the domain that I will be creating the SS over so I’m going to come and paste this right here then click create free SSL certificate so this takes a few seconds and then it gets you to this step where it actually needs to verify this domain belongs to you and in the process few files will be added to your server which will be verified right so for this we are going to used automatic FTP verification so go ahead and click automatic FTP and then your been to choose right before we actually feel that details yeah we need to get the detail that we need to fill in this this phone so let’s go go back to is WP and then click files and database then you have this section which is they the SFTP so I showed before this video I already created an access pattern lambda square interlocked essentially how it would look so it’ll look like us the first time you get list tip it should look like this and then click on access files and then this will generate password and username for you so this these are the details that you need to actually verify yo yet the wall so I’m going to come back here and then choose that that type until

2-SFTP and then the host will go to go back here and then choose this copy the server address so let’s copy this so it’s I’m going to be a domain this is going to be the server address which is which we just copied it’s going to paste there right there then the port entry ways to 22 which is for sexual and then the user going to go back and copy the username right yeah click copy then we’re going to come to listen when you paste this and then for the password come back here and then copy the password then paste the class one here then we’re going to download our free SSL session it’s so what’s going to happen is that if you file a folder will be created on your server on this server and then if you files added clear which will be verified to make sure that domains I showed you also click right click download free SSL certificate and you’re going to give this a few seconds before either verification actually completes again you don’t have to follow these steps if you already purchased your domain from our rather children purchased your SSL from somewhere else and you can actually go straight to a to installing the SSL certificates just for the purpose of this tutorial I thought I should show you how you can actually get a free SSL alright so now we have our certificate and the private key as well create generated right yeah so the next step we’re going to be able to download this done Oh SSL fight so here here they are and then the next thing you need to do is extract this because and of course if an issue I just you your SSL from another vendor still the usually coming and zip so you need to extract the zip file and then get the SAP she gets right inside so I’m going to open this let me just close this so we’re going to go to my files under downloads here’s the the folder that we just are some good right click and say extract here so we have another folder here so when we click this we get friended a few files in there so the important files are the certificate authority and the private good key so let’s go back to our in

 3-the WP dashboard and now we can actually revoke this because we don’t need this anymore but then if this is up to you now to install the certificate just come to domains and then under domains you have you get to see this option which is SSL certificates now you’re going to click Change rather chilly for your case you might find this as upload me I’m actually uploading for the second time that’s where I’m having a different value here rather different option but it should all be upload upload so click on this right and SSL certificates and again you won’t be able to see this I’m actually saying this because I’m starting another such K and then you should write so here we are so we’ve opened our the folder which includes our files or such kid fell so the five that you need to upload here is actually the certificate of CR T so this upload that so it’s already there and then for the private key also click upload then choose private key and then click upload so and once all this of a product you should see a toggle button right here where you can actually now enable SSL flow so just click here to switch to turn on the SSL now let’s go ahead and just our web site and see if it’s now a secured so I’m going to refresh this alright so sometimes actually you should expect this will be the first time you refresh but give it another try and if if it persists you might just want to come back to this and probably turn it off go back refresh alright so and then so it just what so you can turn it back on back on here and now it should work without problems alright so you can see the website is now secure and that’s that so that’s all you have to do to install SSL and of course you can follow the same steps if you purchase the Assessor from someone else from another vendor and you should be able to have you would check secure all right thank you  

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