Top 8 Best Free Web Hosts in 2020

I’m gonna show you the best free  hosting websites where you can host your  website for absolutely free you know  don’t need to pay anything and  everything is like for free so yeah  before beginning without to this topic I  will request you guys to please .

so the first website I’m gonna  show you for free hosting is zero web host which is powered by  hosting or hosting it is a very big  hosting website so yeah it is powered by  that website and in this website you  would have to pay like . per month  for hosting your website free web  hosting free signup and here what you  get here let’s check out instant account  activation custom control panel ninety  nine percent uptime and blazing speed  latest technologies and you can like get  all that for free zero point zero zero  united sales dollars everything is free  here and you can like do a free sign up  here you can see twenty two million have  already signed up for the free web  hosting four zero zero zero o web host  calm and let’s talk about the features  you get in the free hosting you will get  ten gigs of bandwidth which is great  easy to use free website builder it has  a very good website builder so it’s also  great WordPress Auto installers .

*you get  a wordpress auto installer in its free  plan so it’s great you can install your  WordPress in it without any issues so we  are almost endless GB disk space so  you get a full gb space nowise you get  no ads and full MySQL and PHP database  support free cPanel web hosting admin  panel and instant account activation no  fees no money is required so I think  it’s a really great platform and it’s  one of the best hosting websites  available in the whole internet zero  zero zero web host com  so yeah it’s a really good platform and  let’s move to our next platform okay  before beginning with our next platform  I will tell you guys that these all  hosting platforms are for those who are  making like a very small website if you  are like making a website for your  business in which you are spending a lot  of money like you are spending thousands  of dollars in your business and you want  a free hosting then I will recommend you  guys please don’t look for a free  hosting because you will get limited in  the free hosting you will not get as  high quality you can get in a paid  hosting so I will recommend you guys to  go with a paid hosting if you are like  spending a lot of money in your business  but if you are like making a very simple  website for example like a website where  you are just showcasing your skills  all that so if you are making us very  simple website then free hosting is more  than enough for you don’t buy any paid  hosting only stick with free hosting  guys so now let’s move to the next free  hosting platform so the next free  hosting platform is ten hosting comm X  hosting comm basically it is and in  this platform you also get a free  hosting as it says cloud hosting that’s  free and unlimited so here you get %  pure cloud.

SSD servers complete hosting  package years industry attrition so  this company is in for years but  actually I will not recommend you guys  extend hosting as much as I will  recommend you guys zero zero zero web  host because zero zero zero web web host  is a really good platform I have used it  I have also used this extend hosting so  extend my hosting is a good platform but  when we compare two with zero zero zero  web host  I think zero zero zero web host is a  better platform than X hosting and also  an x hosting you will have to continue  with the dot extend host dot-com kind of  domain name you can’t attach your custom  domain name purchased with namecheap  with your free hosting account so this  is a very big limitation and that’s why  I think this free hosting is not that  good and powerful so you can skip but if  you are like not getting the thing you  want in the other seven then you can  absolutely go for it extra noticing it  is good but not that good when we  compare with the other seven so yeah so  now let’s move to the third or free  hosting so the third free hosting is  infinity free web hosting so this is of  a posting which is offering a lot of  features are a lot of modern features  which the others are not offering like  it’s offering . % uptime which is  really really good and unlimited hosting  hosts any domain this is a really good  feature that you can like buy a name  cheap domain name a custom domain name  for yourself and then you can attach  with this hosting and you can host any  domain from this hosting so no force as  there will be no ads and it’s completely  free no hidden cost or no requirement of  credit card or debit card so this is  also a very good platform here you also  get like WordPress plugins  Joomla plugins Drupal my VB and all that  different plugins so you can install  -plus applications with just a few  clicks so it’s a really good feature to  install plugins easily and it’s offered  in a free hosting then it’s really good  so yeah this is also a really good  hosting and I will recommend you guys to  go with this so let’s move to the next  hosting and it’s the fourth wall and  it’s called free hosting com  so it’s also a very good free hosting  website here you can see it’s written  cPanel so you get a cPanel in free  hosting comm you can like manage your  whole hosting with this panel which is  really good you get a very good site  builder I have used this website free  hosting and the side waiter is actually  really good I have to say by like I have  used the website builders like Beck’s  calm and they offer a really good  website builder and this site builder  offered in this hosting platform I think  it’s also very competitive to bricks and  other side filters so yeah it’s a really  good site builder available in this  platform and you get app installer you  can install any application super easily  for free like you can install your  WordPress application WordPress plugin  very easily by just few clicks so it’s  really good and you get to what you get  in the free plan of this hosting is your  own domain hosting ten gigs of this  space unmetered bandwidth one email  account which is really good you get a  free one email account MySQL database  and free hosting features which is  amazing for lifetime free for lifetime  which is amazing it’s not like it is  offering free hosting for two years five  years but it is offering free hosting  for lifetime so this is amazing and it  also offers a paid hosting package which  is for eight bucks per month  which is not a very expensive package  and in this pedo setting you get  multi-site hosting unlimited this space  unmetered bandwidth unlimited email  account which is great unlimited MySQL  database which is also weird and free  plus premium features so you can have a  look at free hosting comp to get a  hosting for free and it’s also really  good platform and let’s move to the next  one which is free osseous so as free  host a is a platform which offers like  free  it can host five domains  megabytes  of display switches I think which is  less it should offer like one gigabyte  at least but it is only offering   megabytes of disk space but it is  offering Sega bytes of monthly traffic  which is good it’s offering email  accounts which is good it’s higher than  the others and it’s offering one MySQL  version database and megabytes of  MySQL storage so which is good  so if we use post here is a kind of  website which is actually offering free  hosting and also you can buy premium  plans also like Virtual Private servers  semi dedicated servers dedicated servers for like bucks bucks and bucks so  this website is offering like free  hosting but also offering a paid hosting  so yeah you can also have a look at free  hosted calm so let’s move to the next  hosting and which is a watch space so a  word space also offers free hosting you  can see I click on this free hosting and  you will just need to sign up to get a  free hosting here and there are also  available premium services like in the  basic plan you the basic line is  actually very cheap .

– euros which is  super cheap so if you are not getting  what you wanted to get enough free  hosting then you can continue with the  basic line which is super cheap so free  hosting is basically absolutely free but  if you are not getting anything that you  wanted then you can continue with the  basic plan which is very very cheap it’s  almost negligible . euros this  actually nothing in this plan you can  get like two websites  monthly  visitors which is like it’s limitation  unlimited space which is actually  amazing unlimited in this place for .  euros this is really really good  unlimited monthly trapping which is  actually amazing and free SSL HTTPS SSL  helps a lot in like vacuum cleaning go  bail so if you want a good SEO and rank  your website higher you will require  SSL as SQL so it’s offering that for  free which is cool / as support which  is also really good and when our  response time which is amazing  and all that for . is good and  basically it’s almost free and in the  free hosting you get almost the same  pants with some limitations yeah  so what’s face is also a very good  website and next one is hosting girl and  it’s a really really good platform you  have must have noticed that zero zero  zero web host was powered by hosting yes  it’s zero zero zero website web host is  like the best I think  free web hosting platform and it’s also  offered by hosting her only so yeah  hosting it is a really good platform and  hosting it is a kind of paid version of  zero zero zero web host and it’s a  premium plan but the pricing I will show  you why I’m including this in the free  web hosting video I will show you the  pricing is like . yeah it’s not free  but it’s actually super cheap SERO point  eight zero dollars for a month  is super cheap i included this website  in the video because the website is  really good the hosting quality offered  by hosting that is amazing that’s why I  have included this in the video and if  you want to go up a bit higher then you  can go with two point one five dollars  with a free domain and three point for  five dollars per month and here also you  get a free domain so yeah you can go  with the zero point eight zero plan of  hosting uh if you are ready to spend  like a very little amount of money then  I will recommend you guys to not go with  a free hosting but spend a very little  amount this is actually negligible and  we can’t count this enough free so guys  if you have little bit cents in your  pocket  and you don’t know where to spend them  then you can continue with this . of  dollars for per month which is super  cheap and you can just try this hosting  direct maybe you will like this hosting  err more than the free ones so I just  included it’s not free but I think it’s  a really good platform soul yeah so  let’s move to the last hosting platform  of today and the last platform is  blogger and you all must be knowing what  logger is blogger is a platform offered  by Google it’s a free hosting and it’s  absolutely % free you don’t need to  pay a single penny but you get all the  features you can get in a paid hosting  platform so yeah blogger is really good  but the main drawback in with blogger is  like it’s super simple like you can see  the examples are coming the websites are  super simple like you can’t do much  things like you can do in WordPress  WordPress you can do a lot and you can  make your website look really cool but  in blog and you are limited a lot and  you have.

 to make a simple website and  yeah you get very limited with blogger  so yeah that’s the drawback but it’s  also absolutely free and you get  everything one will want in paid hosting  and you can also attach your domain  purchased by name cheap or any other  domain purchasing website so yeah this was my video for today I have showed you  the left sides by you can get free  hosting .

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