Namecheap Review (2020) Is Namecheap Web Hosting Good or Not?

Namecheap review we’re gonna be talking about why you should get started with them as a beginner Namecheap is a web hosting company that mainly specializes in cheap domain names itself in fact when I heard about Namecheap for the first time as you can see right now they have deals for 888 .

1-for your first year which are dot-com domains I actually

 got a domain for 88 cents and you can learn more about how to do that by following the link that’s right below in the video portions of this of this video but anyway I wanted to talk to you guys about Namecheap and some of the great benefits that you get with their not only the domain names itself but also the web hosting if you are looking for a reliable web hosting company to get your website started today then this Namecheap review is for you I’m Wally with learning calm and I’ve been online for quite a few years building you know many websites with different our web hosts but today I wanted to talk to you guys about the benefits of Namecheap what is it that they actually have to offer and how is it that you could put them to use today if you want to create a simple but effective website online what I’m gonna be talking to you guys about is the web hosting uptime things like that a different share plans that they have you know a lot of people that create you know websites online typically you know are looking for shared hosting so that’s what we’re gonna talk about right now so as you can see right now guys.

2- Namecheap offers three shared hosting

 plans it’s a stellar to have a plus and style of business and as you can see the stellar which is the basic plan itself that goes for two dollars and eighty eight cents which is very inexpensive it’s very cheap this particular plan in my opinion is great for beginners it does allow you to host up to three web sites which is great so versus just having one web site you know like a lot of the other competitors like Bluehost I crown you can host up to three web websites with stellar if you jump over to the cellar plus you get a little bit more with that in addition to that I mean in bandwidth you can host unlimited websites with this one so versus the three that you get with stellar you can host unlimited websites with the Stuber plus plan the good thing about this one is that I think if you are a blogger or somebody likes to create multiple websites this is a great play enough for you of course it does come with website builders you as I mentioned you can host and either you can have your website hosted from either the US or UK data centers it’s your choice and it’s only 488 per month you know for this plane itself let’s our business plan which is the next tier up is 888 per month with that you get 50 gigabytes of pure SSD disk space a meter bandwidth again it allows you to host unlimited websites the great one the great thing about this particular business plan is that it’s great for business hosting and great for ecommerce store so if you want to set up a store you know selling products online put ecommerce then the stellar business plan is for you one of the things I wanted to mention guys about Bluehost is some web hosting plans is that you do get an

 3-SSL with it you get free domain privacy

 I’m just a really good perk that you don’t get with any other web out there you know a lot of web hosts will you know sell it to you for maybe seven eight dollars a year and Oh Bluehost it’s 99 cents per month or twelve dollars a year but Namecheap gives it to you for free so you get domain privacy or who is guard for free for life on your domains and that’s a service I think that pays for itself if you don’t know what the main privacy is is basically being able to privatize your personal information your personal data online so it’s not available to the public domain you want that because things like you know your first and last name your email address your mailing address things of which will be available readily available on the Whois directory will be privatized if you have domain privacy and again named chief is giving it to you for free another free service that they have is free site migration so if you’re right now hosting with another hose that you don’t like maybe it’s Bluehost maybe a site ground maybe is WP engine or another house out there if you get started today with namecheap you can get a free transfer of your website today for more details on it guys just click the link that’s right below in the descriptions portion of this video and that way you can get started today what are the things that I wanted to mention about the.

 SSL certificates that you get you know with namecheap is that you know you need that if you are you know one thinking about selling products online you do want people to know that your website is secure and that’s what the HTTP stands for Hyper seeds that I show you are L or your website name is so so again you can get the with you know Namecheap when you get started and it’s only they have some that are free but you can also get one for $1.99 but the cool thing about the name cheap that I wanted to mention is that again you get free domain privacy ssl certificates it’s really really easy to get started with and i think you know typically when i buy domains online you know if you guys know you can call in my China you know that I’ve I’ve always preferred in the past about domains with GoDaddy it’s just you know the most and widely known you know domain registrar aren’t they’re out there but recently I decided to go with namecheap of course because you know the domains are you know way cheaper and so with the web hosting itself they do have share WordPress hosting reseller VPS if you have a website that has like a lot of traffic if you want like dedicated servers of course it costs a little bit more for that but if you’re getting started right now this is your very first website you don’t need dedicated you know nor VPS is probably just best to go with shared hosting and that’s what I really recommend if you’re getting started would your very first our website just go ahead and get started with the styler plan itself it’s only 288 per month and right now it’s offer at a .

4-50% discount so it’s an amazing deal that you get

 with the shared hosting plans itself if you need help at all getting started you know with your website just uh message me you can contact me by either going to my website at learning it calm and clicking on the contact me tan and I’ll be more than happy to assist you with getting started with them I think Namecheap in comparison to you know GoDaddy and other domain registrar’s out there web hosting companies it’s very very easy to get started with them a really good customer service great uptime like 99.9% if some months I’ve gotten even a hundred percent but again on an average of 99.9% uptime is what you can expect you know from Namecheap.

 so a very very reliable web hosting company their domain registrar and they really have to have really good customer service which is a definite must have if you’re gonna get started with any web hosting company out there I just wanted to throw up this a quick video gasp as you can see I kind of peruse through the specs of Namecheap I just wanted to give you guys an inside look in my personal opinion about Namecheap by posting I think they’re an amazing web hosting company to get started with but don’t take my word for it go ahead and get started yourself and definitely test it out and create your very first website today alright guys thank you so much for watching this video I’ll see you guys on the next subscribe to this channel give this video a thumbs up and get started today using the link below thank you   

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