VPS vs Cloud Hosting

cloud hosting verse virtual private servers which one should you choose well this video I’m breaking bound both giving you the pros and cons of a virtual private server one you host in control and paying someone monthly fee and just saying hey I need a WordPress site what are the differences and which one should you choose this video is brought to you by up cloud they have data centers around the world definitely check them out I’ll leave a link in the description below it comes with a free $25 credit that you can use to test out their .

*VPS services that I’m gonna go over in this video so first off

VPS first cloud hosting this is kind of a weird one because a lot of cloud hosting can mean a lot of different things so I’m actually gonna change cloud hosting to say web hosting I want to just differentiate those two because cloud hosting can mean Virtual Private servers but it can also mean web hosting depending on the website you check so just think of when I say cloud hosting or web hosting that’s really what I’m meaning and then when I say VPS that’s your virtual private server it means you’re renting server space from one of these data centers and then you can control the server so let’s go ahead and jump into this VPS verse web hosting so first off VPS is your own server you are the one that sets up your website you are the one that controls the security of your website you are the master of your server I absolutely love this if you have the skill set to do it because one it’s cheaper to you get better performance and then three you can do all kinds of customizations with it the big downside well you got to know what you’re doing that’s why I make a lot of .

VPS videos going over you know setting up your website from scratch that installs you know installing Apache or a lamp stack all these different things to get a website to work that’s kind of what I do in a lot of my videos absolutely love this solution it’s by far my favor anybody that’s watched the channel for any extended period of time knows what I think about the next option which is web hosting so why do people use web hosting well thanks YouTube most sponsorships on YouTube revolve around web hosts people that get paid good affiliate links and when I say good like I don’t get paid it for you to click on a link and then go ahead and go through it most of that isn’t affiliate revenue on my VPS is that I’ve done in the past actually both sponsors were just straight-up paid spots that are hey just a quick advertisement I don’t see any money from you clicking that link however if I would have done a web host I would see almost 40% of all revenue that you’d share with them that’s a huge huge Commission so I really should recommend web hosting because I would get paid a lot more money however I hate web hosting why is that and the answer is web hosts are able to sell a lot of really cheap servers or web space because what they do is they share one server in a lot of instances one instance of a server where you’ll have 10 20 100 websites all sitting on the same server what does this do well let’s say one server starts seeing a lot more traffic it could bog down the rest of the servers or the

*rest of the web sites on that server so one website

 gets a lot of traffic the rest of the web sites suffer and this is so bad that’s why when it comes to web host I’m always like if you see a plan that’s like $5 $10 or even less than that per month run because that’s exactly how they’re getting those cheap prices and shared web space is garbage it’s nothing you ever ever want to put a business on I’ve had to move so many business websites just specifically they’ve done crappy web hosting and some people are like hey what web hosts do you recommend and I’m always like well it depends on the website if it’s a WordPress website I always just say WP engine they’re not cheap but guess what they work they have reliable servers and I don’t know I know they don’t subscribe this really crappy practice they have a really good clustered environment I’ve never had poor performance using wpengine now they’re not sponsored they haven’t paid me any money they haven’t even talked to me and guess what I recommend them they’re that good but they’re also not cheap when I say not cheap I think their lowest plans like around 20 bucks 25 bucks something like that today it could fluctuate depending on what you do and I don’t even have a link for you to click on just go check them out WP engine just type it in Google it’ll pop up but as far as other web hosts well I’ve been on almost all of them and I got to say most the performance is inconsistent there’s times I’ve had to move off of many of these hosts because I’ve had some of the more popular ones that I’ve seen actually get hacked and actually had ramifications with the website I’ve actually dealt with where the business had some issues and I was like well let’s just take the backups move it over to another web site and that’s where we did or host the own website using a VPS very important this is one reason why you’ve got to watch out what web hosting you do in if it’s a really cheap web host it’s probably not gonna end well for you so why do people use web hosting so there’s the marketing aspect most people all over social media recommended because their affiliate payouts are amazing I really rethinking actually doing this video because if I flip this around I could make a lot more money anyways disregard they are very easy to set up so you got the marketing aspect they kill in marketing they’re awesome and then you got the easy setup portion of it which is also incredibly awesome so definitely as far as the easy setup goes hey you just sign in you have your own stalked instance if it’s a wordpress site well you got all your WordPress just sitting there and then you just start loading templates and going anyone can do it and then besides like that there’s no real other pro to doing web hosting you don’t have as many customization options you don’t have any control over what goes on as far as performance issues in your reliant on their support and that’s when you have.

 *to contact the support now I’ve been an ID

 for almost twenty years so I’ve had to contact a lot of support on all these different sites and I gotta say there’s very few that actually passed the bar of hay telling me what’s going on I’ve had all kinds of BS answers and different things and headaches from mini web hosting companies that’s why I never really recommend any of them and if I had to pick one other reason why you would want to go with a web host because obviously this was not a very good video where you’re like hey you choose no most-most instance in like choose the VPS if you got some skills definitely use the VPS but there is another instance where I would say okay don’t use a VPS use a web host and that is in really big instances where you have a website that does tons and tons and tons of traffic like tens of thousands of hits per day well one server isn’t gonna cover that I don’t care how big that VPS server is it’s not gonna cover that kind of traffic and you need to do clustering and other things and that’s where a web host would be better equipped with that because you’re gonna need someone with a considerable skill set to set up clustering and other things to make that website run flawlessly so definitely watch this a big big thing when it comes to actually setting up your your website so I honestly still skew towards the actual VPS a lot of times even if I’ve never seen a website that actually needed the clustering aspect of it and when it comes to websites that started to get hit pretty hard or the VPS started performing not as well because I was getting thousands of hits per day I would usually just pump it over to a CDN or a content delivery network and then go from there my delivery network of choice is CDN 77 again I’ve used them in past videos and I use them on my website and they’re awesome they it’s actually a really great company that has awesome services but again they’re not cheap that’s really meant for big business if you’re getting thousands of hits per day otherwise you probably don’t even need a CDN you just want to set up a sample website a VPS just makes a lot more sense but those are my opinions when it comes to VPS first web hosting a lot of times I say.

 VPS if you have this skill set you can set it up there’s no reason not to do a VPS and if you don’t and you just want an easy one-click setup know what you’re getting into and don’t cheap out on that web host because guess what that’s gonna come back to bite you just saying but with all that let me know your thoughts down in the comment section below and a big shout out to my patrons without you I couldn’t make videos like this one and I’ll see you in the next one   

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